rsync on a mac - trouble with aliases

js_spamfree-rsync at js_spamfree-rsync at
Wed Jan 31 19:11:33 GMT 2007

good afternoon everyone!  i am new to this list, so please forgive me for my

first, i have configured passwordless ssh to allow automatic trust between
remote sites within the same internal network.  i used the RSA keygen for that.

secondly, i have a number of .dmg files kept on my master imaging server that
need to be backed up off-site in the various schools around the district.  not
all the images go to every school, and i'm trying to avoid having multiple
copies of the same image on the master.  what i did was to set up directories
for each location and place aliases of the images to go to each location in
that directory.

to accomplish this goal, i placed the following line in my crontab on the

(time for this to execute) rsync -e ssh -avzuLE --copy-links

perhaps there's a problem with my syntax?  any help for this underfunded school
district would be greatly appreciated!


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