daemon sizes

Julian Pace Ross linux at prisma.com.mt
Fri Jan 26 09:25:10 GMT 2007

Hi everyone

I'm still getting strange sizes on the daemon logs.
After transferring around 1.66GB over 14 hours (256kbit link) to an absolutely empty directory, I get:

2007/01/26 04:13:43 [26441] sent 57014 bytes  received 44708 bytes  total size 1947222268

du reports the final size of the directory on the daemon side as 1.6 G, and the "received" bytes can't be 44708?!

I know about the daemon side sometimes doubling the total size when --delete is used, and this was fixed in 3.0.0. 
But the size isnt double in this case, and the received bytes is nowhere near 1.6 GB, which was what was actually received in this run.

am i missing something here?
This is 2.6.9 btw.


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