rsync problem with Samab share - "text file busy"

justin smith fraser codesmithsf at
Tue Jan 23 18:15:21 GMT 2007


I've got a script set up to back up some of our
server's (CentOS 4.3) directories to a mounted Samba
drive. One of the directories contains the mail and
during the file copy some open mail files are backed
up. However, these files are unable to be deleted from
the mounted drive giving an error "Text file busy."
There's no process id so the CentOS server doesn't
think it's busy - just the server with the mounted
Samba drive. So we can't delete the files.

So is this a bug with Samba that could be fixed?
Anyway to tell rsync not to copy open files? Using
rsync 2.6.9.

So not sure if this is the right place to post this -
pointers appreciated.


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