problem with the delete option

Manuel Kissoyan manuelk at
Sat Jan 20 22:59:36 GMT 2007

hi guys,

im trying to backup a cpanel server and made a list in the file with the 
directories and files to be backed up and also another file with the 
excluded dir/file list.
For some reason when an account is deleted from the server then when rsync 
is backing it up is not removing this account directory and files. Any idea 
what could be the problem?

Im using version 2.6.8  protocol version 29

/usr/local/bin/rsync -vrplogDtzH --stats --delete-during --partial --timeout=500 
 --exclude-from=/root/rsyncexcludedfiles --files-from=/root/rsyncincludedfiles 
 -e ssh root at xx.xx.xx.xx:/ /home/server1 > /var/log/server1.log 2>&1

my included lis:


my excluded list:


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