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Thanks for the insight! 
Up and running now.

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> On 1/16/07, Julian Pace Ross <linux at> wrote:
>> [...] there is no --filter-from=FILE [...]
> The exact equivalent to --filter-from=FILE is --filter=". FILE" .
> --filter=": FILE" is similar but checks for a file by that name in
> each subdirectory for patterns that should apply to that subdirectory.
> If you want the same set of patterns for the entire transfer, it is
> probably better to use the --filter=". FILE" version.
>> I tried putting *.c and *.abc in the include file, and * in the exclude
>> file, but nothing gets transferred.
> (1) Make sure you are specifying the include file before the exclude
> file on the command line so that the include patterns take precedence.
> (2) Your patterns also apply to directories, so rsync will skip
> directories whose names do not end in .c or .abc , and as a result, it
> will never even consider the files inside.  To avoid this, add an
> include pattern */ to include all directories, and then you might like
> to pass the option --prune-empty-dirs .
> Matt

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