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George Georgalis george at galis.org
Mon Jan 15 06:39:53 GMT 2007

On Sat, Jan 13, 2007 at 08:43:55PM -0800, Wayne Davison wrote:
>On Sat, Jan 13, 2007 at 10:25:42PM -0500, George Georgalis wrote:
>> hours left.  Would it be straightforward to
>> include progress when creating hardlinks?
>Please upgrade -- hard-link handling is much improved in newer versions.

Thanks, turns out there are closer to 500,000 files and 89
snapshots (@ ~90% of the files). The process was to install
larger disks on primary host; the files went (push) from reiserfs
to reiserfs with old versions of rsync (target: rsync version
2.6.3pre1 protocol version 28; source: "debian 3.1"). Now,
restoring (pull) from the same old version on the (reiserfs)
source to ffs2 (netbsd 3.1) with rsync version 2.6.9 protocol
version 29 (target).

 root at target:/root $ rsync --numeric-ids -avHP source:/data/ /data/
receiving file list ...
ERROR: out of memory in inode_table [receiver]
rsync error: error allocating core memory buffers (code 22) at util.c(115) [receiver=2.6.9]

When I tried breaking up the source data into a directory 1/4 the
size, I got the same error.  But I realized I cannot preserve
hardlinks if I breakup the /data/ directory.

There _are_ more memory slots on the target host, is there any way
to adjust the rsync command to use less memory? Would it help to
update the sender rsync? Or do I have to restore each snapshot,
one at a time? :-}

// George

George Georgalis, systems architect, administrator <IXOYE><

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