strange file sizes in log

Julian Pace Ross linux at
Wed Jan 10 10:55:07 GMT 2007

Yep agreed, but I am saying that I get:

"2007/01/08 18:24:24 [30153] sent 22485 bytes  received 27427 bytes  total
size 68937712"

on the daemon logs after pushing 68 Megs to an empty directory on the daemon 

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> On 1/9/07, Julian Pace Ross <linux at> wrote:
>> Also does this have anything to do with the bytes sent/received being
>> inaccurate? I am getting (again on the daemon) for example "bytes 
>> received
>> 20000" when I would have just transferred several Megs.
> The bytes sent/received are the number of bytes of data passed between
> the two rsync processes, which may be much less than the total size if
> most of the files didn't need to be transferred.
> Matt

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