strange file sizes in log

Julian Pace Ross linux at
Tue Jan 9 20:36:56 GMT 2007

I see.. if the change is only in the make_file routine, then I can compare 
the two versions of this routine, update and recompile right?

Also does this have anything to do with the bytes sent/received being 
inaccurate? I am getting (again on the daemon) for example "bytes received 
20000" when I would have just transferred several Megs.

Again, thanks

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> On Tue, Jan 09, 2007 at 08:14:51PM +0100, Julian Pace Ross wrote:
>> Will there be a nightly update?
> Yes.  Do note that CVS is a work in progress towards 3.0.0, and is under
> heavy development at the moment.  It also has a new protocol, 30, which
> will not be the final protocol 30 until 3.0.0 is released, so you do
> need to be careful to either not mix different 3.0.0-cvs versions (since
> the protocol may have changed), or to make the transfer talk protocol 29
> (which can be done by using the --protocol=29 command-line option, or
> for all transfers by changing the PROTOCOL_VERSION define in rsync.h).
> ..wayne..

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