setting permissions on --backup-dir

walterhw at walterhw at
Tue Jan 9 20:24:23 GMT 2007

Is it possible that rsync daemon is not applying the
        incoming chmod = Dug=rwx,Do=rx,Fu=rwx,Fg=rw,Fo=
parameter from rsyncd.conf when a top level directory is created in
response to a client's --backup-dir parameter?  This directory is not
technically "received" by the daemon, so maybe the permissions don't get
changed from default.  However, the
        uid = whitlow
        gid = everyone
parameters are applied.  Permissions on lower level directories are set
as expected.  
The daemon is version 2.6.9 and the client is version 2.6.6.

For example, 

rsync -rt \
--delete-during --backup --backup-dir=2007-01-09_12 \

results in:

drwx------    3 whitlow  everyone     4096 Jan  9 13:09 2007-01-09_12
drwxrwxr-x    4 whitlow  everyone     4096 Dec 31  1969 ALL

if 2007-01-09_12 is created by the rsync daemon.  The same permission on
directory 2007-01-09_12 results if root executes:

mkdir 2007-01-09_12

The modified date on directory All is also being changed to zero, but I
think that is a separate problem but mention here in case it is

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