strange file sizes in log

Julian Pace Ross linux at
Tue Jan 9 09:28:13 GMT 2007

Dear List,

I have noticed something regarding this:
running the following command from a WinXP:

rsync -av --progress --stats -e "ssh -l julian -i rsync_key" \

gives the following log output on the receiving side (rsync 2.6.9 / suse):
2007/01/09 10:12:14 [23770] sent 44 bytes  received 88307 bytes  total size 

which is good.

Running the EXACT same command on the XP side,
*but this time with the --delete option*,
gives the following in the logs on the linux receiver side:
2007/01/09 10:13:46 [23780] sent 44 bytes  received 88319 bytes  total size 

Note change in total size.

I can safely say from a couple of tests that this behaviour is the same when 
using the rsync daemon on port 873 rather than ssh.

Also, I noticed that the receiver never reports the correct number of 
received bytes (it is always around 88000 as seen above, irrespective of the 
files it updates).

The sending side (2.6.8 / XP) reports all sizes correctly.

Can someone please replicate or am I missing something?

> Can you show the content of "config\templist"?
> Manfred
> -- 

I guess its no longer relevant.

This is the module on the linux side:
        path = /FILES
        read only = false
        uid = root
        gid = root
        incoming chmod = g-rwx,o-rwx
        list = false

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