strange file sizes in log

Julian Pace Ross linux at
Mon Jan 8 17:51:41 GMT 2007

Hello everyone,

I'm getting strange module sizes in the logs. (2.6.9)

This is the command:
rsync -anr --delete --omit-dir-times --stats -e "ssh -i access.key -l 
pluto -p 22" --files-from=config\templist "/cygdrive/C/" 
sv_rs at

After updating all the files on the "Accounts" module, the size is reported 
correctly on the receiver log file as:
2007/01/08 18:24:24 [30153] sent 22485 bytes  received 27427 bytes  total 
size 68937712
* This is the real size (around 68MB), however, having started with an empty 
dir on the receiver, the number of bytes received is not correct!? (I guess 
it should be similar to total size).

Following this, I perform another run (this time no files updated), which 
shows the following log:
2007/01/08 18:27:00 [30220] rsync to Accounts from sv_rs at unknown 
2007/01/08 18:27:00 [30220] receiving file list
2007/01/08 18:27:00 [30220] sent 85 bytes  received 27427 bytes  total size 
* Note that without changing anything, the total size has exactly doubled.

The strange thing is for the both operations, the sender side reports 
for example for the first operation:
sent 69019827 bytes  received 22416 bytes  288276.59 bytes/sec
total size is 68937712  speedup is 1.00

Any clues?


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