transferred files have ",v" at their end

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Sat Jan 6 14:28:00 GMT 2007

On Sat, 2007-01-06 05:23:44 -0800, giorgio79 <info at> wrote:
> When I transfer files with rsync to my server, all the files get a ",v"
> added to the extension. Do you know why is this?

No, they don't.

> I am using the command described on sourceforge
> rsync -av rsync://* .
> and I get files like "build.xml,v"

You're downloading a CVS repository, not the "simple" files you're
expecting.  Use a text viewer to look into one of these files. You'll
notice that there's more in them than only the "plain" contents you're
expecting to see.

> If I do a search for the exact phrase with search engines, "build.xml,v", I
> can see lot of results, but hte problem is, I cannot compile files if they
> have a ,v at their end.
> Can you please advise?

You'd use "cvs" to connect to these repositories and check-out a
working copy.  Rsync'ing this stuff is reasonable for doing backups,
but not to compile the project.  (Of course, you'd setup a local CVS
server to serve the just-downloaded *,v files, but that doesn't buy
you a penny...)


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