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I hope this is responding to the several people who responded.
Thanks for responding. You all had the same question, whether
all the characteristics of the files are the same. To know for sure
I have to wait till I get back to work tomorrow, Basically I did
 cp -r source dest
this was to make an exact backup of source, so I could later rsync source
with link-dest set to dest. Basically
cp -r source dest
 rsync -a --delete --link-dest=dest/ source/ bkup/
of course, dest, source, and bkup were actually different names. I just called them source, dest, bkup
for ease of reading above. The source directory had simple files. I just did
for a in a b c
 date > $a
just made files a, b, and c with the date. Looking at the inodes, every file had a different inode.
And if I edited (vi) bkup/c and added lines to it, in dest/c the file was not changed, showing it was
not linked.

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