Feature Request: case insensitivity for filter rules

Steven Morehouse steven at criticalnode.com
Wed Feb 28 17:56:33 GMT 2007

Many of my clients are Windows-based... I can't change that.  The are also, 
unfortunately, not really tech-savvy.  In an effort to make things as 
easy-to-use-as-possible I'm attempting to write an easy how-to for their 
rsyncing... feedback is that they just aren't getting the case problem.

I'll give the exact example:

Please exclude all "sys" files from your backup. To do so, enter this line 
into your exclude file:


Then I get feedback that its not working and it turns out that some of their 
files are *.SYS or *Sys

Ok, easy enough... add two or three lines.  But for dozens of rules this 
gets silly.

And *.[Ss][Yy][Ss] is just worse in terms of readability and 
understandability from a layman.

I read though a lot of the cynical "how to post a message" suggestions and I 
think I can foresee the answer to this question is: "Windows sucks" but I 
thought I'd ask anyway :)

If you can accept that Windows users are valuable too (even if the OS isn't) 
then perhaps you can recognize that an option to make all EXCLUDE/INCLUDE 
rules case-insensitive would be extremely popular.

I've seen the ignore-case patch, but as far as I can tell that's for 
source/destination matching.  That's a different issue entirely I think. 
What I'm proposing would only need to take effect on the sending side.  In 
situations where they also need matching against the receiving side, there 
is the ignore-case patch as well.

I've seen exclude case insensitivity get asked in the past (dating back 
years) but I see very few recognitions of those questions/suggestions and 
certainly no solutions.

Is there any hope of getting this functionality introduced?

My first post! So please, accept my thanks!  I've searched for this by 
Google for the past 2-3 years off-and-on hoping it would eventually be 
introduced... and I'm finally bothering to put in the request.  I hope it is 
received well. Many thanks!

 - Steven 

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