Using rsync to sync two live servers

Stuart Halliday StuartH at
Fri Feb 23 14:49:15 GMT 2007

Not too much of a problem.

You can use my open files on Windows RSync solution recently posted to
this list.

This will allow you to copy open files from the master to your two slaves.

But if the file is open on the slaves then of course you can't copy over
it. But then would you be overwriting existing music files?

You could get a program to scan for open files on the slaves and then make
a list then exclude these files from being copied over until a later date.

Or Rsync will produce a list of error files it didn't copy over and you
can use this list to retry at a later date. ie ten minutes later.

Not too hard I would have though. :-)

Stuart Halliday

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