Using rsync to sync two live servers

Chris Nighswonger cnighswonger at
Thu Feb 22 14:34:51 GMT 2007

On 2/22/07, Paul Slootman <paul at> wrote:
> On Thu 22 Feb 2007, Chris Nighswonger wrote:
> >  I have two production servers which house large drive arrays storing
> > digitized music for our webradio. They are used in a 'failover'
> > configuration so that if one goes down the other remains available.
> > New music is added all of the time to this library and it is a pain to
> > have to add it to both machines as the files are large (.wav). I am
> > thinking to setup rsync to keep the drives sync'd. My only question is
> > whether it is possible to have rsync doing its thing while these files
> > are being accessed for use? ie. real-time sync.
> That depends on your operating system.
> Windows generally objects to files being opened more than once;
> linux/unix systems won't have a problem.

Unfortunatily they are windows systems. The broadcast software we use
only comes in that flavor otherwise they would be nix.

So when windows objects to an open file being sync'd will rsync simply
skip it and keep going? Or will it bail out of the sync? I can stand
missing an open file since the sync runs every hour.

Chris Nighswonger
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