Problem with Rsync or Users will be Users?

Stuart Halliday StuartH at
Wed Feb 21 10:52:50 GMT 2007

I'm using CWRSync 2.6.9 protocol 29 on a Windows 2003 Standard R2 server.

I'm trying to copy files onto a local usb harddrive.

Both filesystems are NTFS.

Rsync is failing to copy some files due to the file name length.

I kind of assumed that Rsync could handle the same file name length that
Windows users are allowed to enter. :-)

Is there *anything* I can do with Rsync to allow these kind of files to be

Ok, I know these file names are ridiculous but Users will be Users
wouldn't they?

Here is an example of an error log it reports.

rsync: mkstemp
Det/.AC-CESS AC-ROV, ROV, rov, mini ROV, micro ROV, low cost ROV,
inspection class ROV, underwater camera, underwater rov, security
inspection, remote visual inspection, acrov, small rov.url.gt1Uh8" failed:
File name too long (91)

rsync: mkstemp
Det/Flexible PCB/.Conventional PCB Design and Assembly, Electronic, Plated
Through- Thru Hole (PTH) Design and Manufacture, Stock Management Program,
Software, System Saturn Solutions UK.url.7zTYDS" failed: File name too
long (91)
rsync error: some files could not be transferred (code 23) at main.c(977)

Stuart Halliday

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