Rsync with Plink?

Max Kipness max at
Wed Feb 14 21:52:11 GMT 2007


I've already tried asking at the cwrRsync forums with no luck yet, so I
thought I would try my luck here.

According to the rsync man pages, with the -e option you can use other
remote shells, and I had thought plink was one of them, but I could be
wrong. I can't seem to find any information anywhere about the proper
syntax. What I've been trying, are all kinds of combination close to the

rsync.exe -e "plink.exe -l username -pw password" --stats --compress
--recursive --archive --delete-after --files-from=backup_selections.txt
/cygdrive/c server_address://backup/Current

I've tried adding options -batch and -N as suggested by someone else to
no avail. I basically want to use rsync without a password or keys and
yes, I'm aware of the security implications.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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