Incorrect time again with glibc 2.5

Master Abi master at
Mon Feb 12 05:14:24 GMT 2007


rsync 2.6.9 fixed the time issue. I felt this issue is truly behind, but 
then I upgraded to glibc 2.5. The time problem again started.  I 
recompiled rsync after upgrading glibc thinking that might be the 
problem. No  ways, problem still persists.

I am using Gentoo 2.6.19 + glibc 2.5.

 From logs

Time: Mon Feb 12 15:46:43 EST 2007
2007/02/12 04:46:43 [16263] receiving file list
2007/02/12 04:46:43 [16263] sent 85 bytes  received 393 bytes  total 
size 244652

It should be
2007/02/12 15:46:43 [16263] receiving file list
2007/02/12 15:46:43 [16263] sent 85 bytes  received 393 bytes  total 
size 244652

I also compiled the latest CVS version, and it also shows the incorrect 
logged time.

I have to set chroot = no, for the time to display correctly.

This might be gentoo related, so are anyone else also having this issue 
with glibc 2.5.



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