rsync 3-cvs missing prereqs/deps on osx

snowcrash+rsync schneecrash+rsync at
Mon Feb 5 16:43:00 GMT 2007


as it's been awhile since my last attempts w/ v269, i'm building the
latest rsync3-svs on osx 10.4.8; looking to see what's evolved re:
acls & xattrs support on osx ...

@ build, i note complaint abt a missing yodl2man, which originates with YODL.

YODL, then requires icmake.

as neither is available on osx, it's src build time.

on building debian's icmake (already suspecting linux-friendly,
non-mac-ish-ness ...), i find,

% sh bootstrap
	Building the runtime-library in ./rss
	In file included from chesc.c:5:
	../rss/icrssdef.h:10:20: error: malloc.h: No such file or directory

mod'ing in,

% vi rss/icrssdef.h
	---	#include <malloc.h>
	+++	#include <sys/malloc.h>

gets me a lot further, but eventually,

% sh bootstrap
	Creating the target directory ./bin
	Creating icmake
	/usr/bin/ld: Undefined symbols:

can anyone clarify the prereqs for rsync, rsync proj's "stance" on osx
support, and if/where the prereqs are available (as binaries or
src+instructions) for sane build on osx?


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