rsync: mkstemp "/20070129_1012/.status.csv.IWS933" (in test) failed: No such file or directory (2)

Shai shaibn at
Mon Feb 5 07:37:23 GMT 2007


Thanks very much for the new info! It seems that you were right on the money
with what I had been trying to do and also, your suggestion of using
--relative switch can become useful, and I will implement it in my rsync

I'll update you on this issue later on.


On 2/4/07, Matt McCutchen <hashproduct+rsync at> wrote:
> On 2/2/07, Shai <shaibn at> wrote:
> > The new Debian Sarge server I built is using 2.6.9 version of rsync
> which
> > before, was not that new. It used to work fine (as far as I can tell
> you)
> > that sending a single file, would also create the directory if it did
> not
> > exist. Am I wrong to say this? Ever since the new server came up, rsync
> > failed when I sent this file first before the directory was there.
> This confuses me.  You imply that the problem began when you upgraded
> the destination rsync daemon to 2.6.9.  However, you said earlier that
> you were having the problem before with rsync 2.6.4, and the error
> message you pasted (which is given only by a receiving rsync 2.6.6 or
> older) seems to confirm that.
> > I don't want to send the entire directory, since it contains many other
> > files that don't interest me and whice would slow down my cycles.
> No, with my proposed command, rsync will still send only the single
> file because its name is still given in the *source* path:
>     rsync -av --timeout 120 /home/20070129_1012/status.csv --port 5873 \
>         fileserver::test/20070129_1012/
> This command has exactly the same effect as your original command,
> except that the receiver will create the directory 20070129_1012/ if
> necessary.  I think this is what you want.
> If you also removed the file name from the source path, only then
> would rsync send the entire directory:
>     rsync -av --timeout 120 /home/20070129_1012/ --port 5873 \
>         fileserver::test/20070129_1012/
> I notice that you are duplicating a suffix of the source path,
> "20070129_1012/", inside the destination.  An alternative to writing
> this directory explicitly in the destination path is to use --relative
> like this (if the sending rsync is at least 2.6.7):
>     rsync -av --timeout 120 -R /home/./20070129_1012/status.csv --port
> 5873 \
>         fileserver::test/
> The advantage to this approach is that, if in the future the common
> suffix had multiple directories (e.g., "2007/0129/1012/" instead of
> "20070129_1012/"), rsync would create them all on the destination if
> necessary, instead of just the last.
> Matt
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