How to avoid loosing rsync temp/partial files

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Sun Dec 30 11:50:26 GMT 2007

I recommend on your last solution (unless other will arise from the mailing
list), since I don't think adding more copy actions would be healthy...

I will wait for some mailing list feedback before I work on this solution.


On Dec 30, 2007 1:34 PM, Shani Ben - Avraham <Shani.Ben-Avraham at>

>  Another possible solution is checking permissions before coping… and if
> the permissions on local folder are not enough… fails without trying to
> copy…
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> *Subject:* How to avoid loosing rsync temp/partial files
> Hallo,
> I am using rsync to copy remote files into a local directory.
> I use the following flags: "--remove-sent-files --partial-dir=/tmp
> --partial --temp-dir=/tmp --backup --suffix=.bak".
> I need the partial issue since in the final destination I must have only
> closed and full files.
> I need to remove the sent files from the destination since I need to avoid
> transferring the same file over and over again.
> My problem is that when I have proper permissions in the partial dir, but
> no permissions in the destination dir, it means that the rsync deletes the
> original files, and after failing to copy the files from /tmp to the
> destination - it deletes the files from there as well...
> I tried to find solutions such as --delete-after, but in the bottom line
> nothing helps.
> Any idea for a good solution inside rsync capabilities ?
> Regards,
> Shushu
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