How to avoid loosing rsync temp/partial files

Shushu Inbar שושו ענבר shushu.i at
Sun Dec 30 10:46:09 GMT 2007


I am using rsync to copy remote files into a local directory.
I use the following flags: "--remove-sent-files --partial-dir=/tmp --partial
--temp-dir=/tmp --backup --suffix=.bak".

I need the partial issue since in the final destination I must have only
closed and full files.
I need to remove the sent files from the destination since I need to avoid
transferring the same file over and over again.

My problem is that when I have proper permissions in the partial dir, but no
permissions in the destination dir, it means that the rsync deletes the
original files, and after failing to copy the files from /tmp to the
destination - it deletes the files from there as well...

I tried to find solutions such as --delete-after, but in the bottom line
nothing helps.

Any idea for a good solution inside rsync capabilities ?

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