Pushing hard-linked backups

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Thu Dec 27 18:19:56 GMT 2007

On 12/25/2007, Eric S. Johansson (esj at harvee.org) wrote:
> [[ related thought.  if rsync had a plugin architecture allowing per 
> file transformation (pre and post transfer) one could build 
> encryption in as an addon]]
> the idea of the encryption extension is that when a file is ready for 
> block by block checking, it is copied (replicating TOP (time, 
> ownership and permissions)
> and encrypted using the given symmetrical key.  this should yield an 
> identical file if they are the same.  if you get the key wrong, tough 
> noogies, you copy your entire dataset. 

I'd rather see rsync support something like this (if it is even possible 
or practical):



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