rsyncd.conf exclude/include questions ??

Vincent Blondel vincent at
Tue Dec 25 13:48:12 GMT 2007


I get some troubles when rsyncing my FreeBSD 6.2 server from my iMac
Leopard desktop.

Below what I configured in rsyncd.conf ..

	path = /
	uid = root
	gid = wheel
	read only = true
	include from = /home/rsync/etc/includes/rootfs


+ /etc
+ /etc/make.conf
+ /boot
+ /boot/*
- *

This is the only way I found to only backup files directories I would like
having on my backup system. This is working but I get a problem with it.

Is this really the way to do it ?? Lines specified above are just a
example. Let's immagine I would like to backup complete /usr/local/
directory. In such a way I should add two entries for each subdirectory ..


You can really immagine my rootfs file contains thousands of lines .. this
is why I post this message because I can immagine there is an easy way to
do it but I haven't found it rigth now.

Thanks to help me.

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