DO NOT REPLY [Bug 5078] Unable to use Win32 device paths with --files-from

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Sat Dec 15 15:30:08 GMT 2007

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------- Comment #1 from wayned at  2007-12-15 09:30 CST -------
It would appear that the first chdir() to the shadow-copy directory is failing.
 In the first successful copy, rsync did a chdir() to a subdir of the
shadow-copy area, which may be a significant difference to the OS.

In any regard, rsync doesn't currently ascribe special meaning to multiple
slashes in paths.  There are places in the code that will reduce them to a
single slash, and that behavior may cause you problems.  If that bites you, try
to map the shadow-copy directory to a normal path or drive letter some where
(one that can be specified using a normal, single-consecutive-slash pathname.

I will consider modifying rsync to leave two consecutive slashes at the start
of a path that specifies them.

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