Question about --copy-unsafe-links

Chris G cl at
Wed Dec 12 14:13:13 GMT 2007

This refers to version 3.0.0pre6 if that's relevant.

I was expecting that if I specified the --copy-unsafe-links option to
rsync that I'd then get no warnings about 'skipping non-regular file
"bla/bla/bla"' but it doesn't seem to work like that.

It *sounds* from the man page that if I set --copy-unsafe-links then
symlinks that point 'elsewhere' will copy the actual file to the
destination (rather than creating a symlink) and symlinks that point
somewhere 'local' (i.e. to files which are part of the copy) will be
copied as symlinks.  However in practice when I set --copy-unsafe-links
I still get warning messages.

What should I be setting to get 'remote' symlinks to copy the referred
file and 'local' symlinks copied as symlinks?

Chris Green

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