problems with rsync 2.6.9 and large files (up to 20GB)

gorka barracuda gorka.barracuda at
Wed Dec 12 13:28:42 GMT 2007


I'm Jordi and I work at the university of barcelona. I'm trying to make a
backup of our several clusters. In the past I worked with rsync with a very
good results.

When I try to backup some large directories (for example > 1.5TB with a lot
of large files >20GB) whit this command:

rsync -aulHI --delete --partial --modify-window=2 --log-format=" %t %o %l %f
" -
-stats --exclude-from=/home/jingles/soft/sinc/sinc_conf/exclude_files.txt
-dir=/data/tmp --bwlimit=10000 -e "ssh -o ForwardX11=no -i
"/root/.ssh/id_rsa" -
l root" "/home" server_name:"/data/cerqt2/"

it seems that rsync is working and finishing but when appears the message
that summarizes the transferred files rsync starts the backup again (taking
a lot of time)

sent 640278263924 bytes  received 217256421 bytes  8610488.88 bytes/sec
total size is 783944943854  speedup is 1.22
rsync warning: some files vanished before they could be transferred (code
24) at
 main.c(977) [sender=2.6.9]
 2007/12/11 17:02:04 del. 0

I must say that these clusters are working full day so there are several
changes in the data stored in our hard disks.

I googled for this problem and I found that there are a patch file to solve
this problem (you can see the thread in
) but I can't found it.

Can you help me? The youngest 3.0 version solve this problem?

Thanks for any suggestion,


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