remote logging non-daemon mode

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Thu Dec 6 04:50:34 GMT 2007

    > Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 23:21:27 -0500
    > From: "Doug Lochart" <dlochart at>

    > Each module needs to be protected from the others so if a user logs in with
    > their credentials they should not have access to any other module.   It
    > would take a user knowing the name of another client to affect the security
    > breach.  I admit I am no whiz at securing the rsync server.  Once we had it
    > setup to run in daemon mode we assumed the ssh tunnels would provide all
    > that we need.  We over looked this one issue however.

Are users supposed to be running any arbitrary rsync command they like
when they connect, or is there a canonical one for doing the backup?

If the latter, can you use ssh's "forced command" mode, with a
different command associated with each user?

Hmm.  I just did a search and found this, from two months ago:


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