RSYNC Hang on client match_sums

Matt McCutchen hashproduct+rsync at
Fri Aug 31 20:34:56 GMT 2007

On 8/31/07, Alain DESEINE <alain.deseine at> wrote:
> I've launch an rsync with the --bwlimit=20 parameter, the synchronisation
> is not finished yet, but apparently, it work well now, just it's longer ...
> But non problem i only got 50MB to synchronise, and the process has all the
> night ...
> Do you have an idea on what limit value i can specify to the bwlimit
> parameter ?

You can specify any limit expressed in kilobytes per second.  See the
description of --bwlimit in the man page for a bit more information.

It is beyond me why a select() call immediately after sending the
final partial chunk of a file tends to spuriously time out, while a
select() call immediately after sending a full chunk of the middle of
a file (which is larger) tends to work correctly.


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