Milestone release for rsync 3.0.0?

Matt McCutchen hashproduct+rsync at
Thu Aug 30 21:11:18 GMT 2007


Rsync 3.0.0 has been under development for 8 months now, but its final
release still appears to be a very long way off, and at least one
person has expressed interest in having a copy of rsync 3.0.0 to try
out (
).  I encourage you to make a "milestone" release of rsync 3.0.0 (like
the Eclipse people do) and encourage packagers to offer it to users in
the "unstable" or "development" category.  This would encourage a
wider community of users (including myself!) to try out and become
comfortable with the current rsync 3.0.0 in real environments and
hopefully spot any problems early.  I was considering choosing one of
the CVS snapshots, RPM-packaging it and offering it myself, but I
think it would be much better if you were willing to take the lead.


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