Two Qustions: RSync Server load? Atomic Updates?

doxburger doxburger at
Wed Aug 22 18:38:51 GMT 2007

Hi, i have a couple of questions I would appreciate if someone could

1) Are there any guidelines for estimating server load?  I am going to be
running a couple of RSync servers and don't even have an order of magnitude
guess as to what kind of load they can handle, how many sessions I should
allow at once, etc.  The data set I'll be serving is about 7000 files, an
update to them usually consists of no more than 100 files changing, and no
more than about 10 megs 

2) I will need to update my RSync server on a regular basis.  I have been
using rsync to send data to the rsync server (makes sense right?).  Now and
then a user has been downloading from the rsync server, as I am updating the
data set, and they get a mix  of the old and new update.  This completely
breaks my application.  How is this handled normally?
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