DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4899] When a mounted dir cannot be visited, rsync will halt there and the shell is halted, even "ctrl -c" can't quit it.

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Tue Aug 21 06:07:07 GMT 2007

------- Comment #3 from dpei at  2007-08-21 01:07 CST -------
Yes, I agree with you. The core is to skip stat() if the dir is filtered.
In fact in my solution, I assumed the "thisname" is a dir to check whether it
is filtered.
1) if "thisname" is a dir, is_excluded(thisname, 1, filter_level) return 1 and
no problem occurs.
2) if "thisname" is a file, because it match the filter_list, here
is_excluded(thisname, 1, filter_level) also return 1 and no problem occurs.
Thus I prefer change the make_file() a little, rather than change the exclude

(In reply to comment #2)
> We need to stat() the file to know if it is a directory or not.  Otherwise the
> directory-specific exclude rules won't work right.
> So, the only possible solution that would allow the stat() to be skipped would
> be to allow the exclude code to deal with an "unknown" file/dir status, and
> have it stat() a name that matched a dir-only exclusion rule to be sure that it
> was indeed a dir (at which point the file's dir-ness would be remembered).

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