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Chuck Wolber chuckw at
Thu Aug 16 23:31:08 GMT 2007

One of our servers is a CentOS 4 Linux/Samba filesharing server that 
serves an access database (via a mapped drive) to a client application 
running on Windows 98.

Ever since we started rsync'ing it to back it up every night, it required 
samba to be restarted after the backup or the clients had trouble 
accessing the database. Recently though, the client application is 
complaining when more than one client attempts to connect to the database. 
I suspect all of this is related somehow.

Is there some sort of lethal interaction between samba, rsync and access 
databases that I am blissfully ignorant of? I thought rsync only opened a 
target file for reading (which should only update the atime), which 
shouldn't affect what's going on in samba-land.


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