Frequent errors copying to an SMB share

Greger Cronquist greger.cronquist at
Fri Aug 10 11:55:29 GMT 2007



I have a setup that rsyncs (using the rsync protocol without rsh/ssh logins)
from one windows server (A) to a NAS (B) via a second windows server (C) (A
is on a separate location from B & C, and the NAS doesn't support rsync
directly), where C stores data on an SMB share on B. My problem is that I
often get "No such host or network path (136)" from rsync (robocopy or
similar works without a glitch) when storing on the SMB share. Is this a
common problem, and if so can anyone help me solve it? I'm using
rsync/cygwin compiled from cvs (sometime in July).


Regards, Greger


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