DO NOT REPLY [Bug 4856] Filenames are displayed before successful transfer in verbose mode

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------- Comment #2 from wayned at  2007-08-03 19:40 CST -------
Note that the --out-format (formerly --log-format) option can also be used to
get file information at the end of the transfer, as mentioned in the manpage
(and the -v option points you at the --out-format option, since they two are

 Rsync will output the out-format string prior to a  file’s  transfer  unless
 one  of  the  transfer-statistic escapes  is  requested,  in  which case the
 logging is done at the end of the file’s transfer.  When this late logging
 in effect and --progress is also specified, rsync will also output  the  name
 of  the  file  being transferred prior to its progress information (followed,
 of course, by the out-format output).

This method works with older rsync versions that don't support --log-file.

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