rsync 3.0 for SFU

Matt McCutchen hashproduct+rsync at
Thu Aug 2 20:38:19 GMT 2007

On 8/2/07, User of web Forum. <forum at> wrote:
> hi, I having problems with a knowed bug in rsync, it hangs during
> transfers in the SFU version (services for unix), I read in this page
>  that if I use the --no-ir option in the rsync 3.0 version, it will
> avoid the hang bug...

I think you misinterpreted that message.  rsync 3.0.0 introduces the
incremental recursion mode and offers the --no-ir option to disable it
and operate the same way as previous versions.  Thus, any hang you may
be seeing in a version of rsync before 3.0.0 is unrelated to the
incremental recursion mode.

Nevertheless, since newer versions of rsync are presumably better,
upgrading to a newer version of rsync is likely to solve the hang you
are seeing.  The newest released version is 2.6.9; 3.0.0 is under
development.  If you can still reproduce the hang in either of those
versions, please report it as a bug.

> the problem is that I dont know where to download that version of rsync
> for the SFU... or when will be released the source code... even if yes,
> i dont kno how to compile for the SFU.

At , you can find the release of
rsync 2.6.9 and, in nightly/, snapshots of rsync 3.0.0.  You should be
able to compile in SFU just like in any other POSIX-like environment:

$ tar -zxf rsync-2.6.9.tar.gz
$ cd rsync-2.6.9.tar.gz
$ ./configure
$ make

$ make install
 -- or --
$ cp rsync.exe /path/to/bin/


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