Prevention of outgoing file transfers?

Duncan Grove duncan.grove at
Mon Apr 30 08:04:21 GMT 2007

Matt McCutchen wrote:
> On 4/27/07, Duncan Grove <duncan.grove at> wrote:
>> Does anyone know if it is possible to firewall and/or configure rsync
>> via a web proxy using RSYNC_PROXY to prevent push mode file transfers
>> yet still allow pull mode?
>> I realise that data (hash values, etc) still goes from the intranet to
>> internet for the pull case but don't really mind about that. What I am
>> keen to guard against is the accidental use of rsync in push mode from
>> mirroring an internal repository to the Internet.
> RSYNC_PROXY affects connections directly to rsync daemons but not
> connections over SSH.  It would be possible (but would take a bit of
> work) to implement a proxy that looks inside rsync daemon connections
> and allows pulls while blocking pushes.  An rsync connection is a pull
> if and only if it includes the --sender option.
Righto, that's a possibility, thanks for the tip.

I haven't actually analysed the protocol on the wire yet but I see that 
in pull mode the --sender option is passed from client to server at 
but as you say getting the proxy to correctly identify --sender in the 
protocol stream could be a fair bit of work...
> I think the most appropriate solution would be to install a wrapper
> script around rsync that refuses to push to hosts outside a set you
> specify.  This won't prevent a user from compromising the data in the
> repository if he/she really wants to, but it is likely to prevent most
> accidents.
Good idea. Thanks for you help.


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