Rsync for hp 3000

Chris Lewis clewis at
Wed Apr 25 18:56:47 GMT 2007

Robert Denton wrote:
> Good luck getting IIRC to compile.  If I recall correctly, it is nearly
> impossible. ;)

My IIRC is impossible to compile.  It's suffering from continuous bit
rot, and there's no checksums...  The last successful compilation was
over 50 years ago ;-)

[IIRC is shorthand for "If I recall correctly" ;-)]

The big hint is compilation and execution of rsync in the_Posix_

Given the difficulties you might have getting rsync to login to the
HP3000 automatically (the HP3000s I'm aware of have two layers of login
- the main OS _isn't_ Posix), you may not have any choice but to use SSL
so that you can connect to an rsyncd daemon using certificates.

Even internally, I wouldn't dream of allowing unauthenticated access to
rsyncd.  Even if the machines weren't in-scope for Sarbanes-Oxley audits
as ours are.

> Robert
> On Apr 25, 2007, at 2:22 PM, William Wang wrote:
>> Chris, Thanks for your input. I will definitely look into IIRC.
>> Our requirement is very simple (at same time it's hard). We don't need
>> SSL
>> or anything like that. The data will be transferred within our subset of
>> local network only. So data security is last thing we will need to worry.
>> All we need is: get HP 3000 database image files out of hp. I would trade
>> two years of my boss's life if I can make rsync (or something
>> similar.) to
>> work.
>> William
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>> William Wang wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> We have HP 3000 machine. We cannot get rid of it. We have few large
>>> files
>> we
>>> want to get them out site HP 3000 in near real time. Since those
>>> files are
>>> large, daily dump is not an option for us. I am wondering if there's any
>>> body had made rsync to work for HP 3000.
>>> Any input will be helpful.
>> While I have not tried to compile rsync on HP3000, I have compiled and
>> used similarly network-aware code on HP3000 which even included SSL
>> (originally SSLeay and later OpenSSL IIRC).
>> IIRC, the trick is to do it in Posix mode on the HP3000, and the
>> configure script might need a teensy bit of hackery.  It wasn't very
>> hard to get SSL compiled, and the rest of our code needed no changes
>> over code that was compilable on Sun, HPUX, Linux and even Windows.
>> [IIRC, I had to bypass SSL's top-level configuration, and run the
>> directory-specific configurator needed for just the library itself.
>> Tho, I think I did configure/compile the whole thing once.  Something to
>> do with some obscure shell difference.]
>> If I had had more experience on HP3000 than I did, it would have taken a
>> lot less than the half day it took to do the compile the first time.
>> If you're expecting to be able to do non-rsyncd access (eg: passwords or
>> certs) to the HP3000, it may be a real problem getting past HP3000's
>> login stuff.  You'll probably need to run rsyncd.  Our code was a pure
>> SSL daemon using certs for authentication, and didn't get anywhere near
>> HP3000 login stuff.
>> You might run into some difficulty with wierd very-file-system-specific
>> system calls tho.
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