Rsync for hp 3000

Chris Lewis clewis at
Wed Apr 25 17:36:21 GMT 2007

William Wang wrote:
> Hi All,
> We have HP 3000 machine. We cannot get rid of it. We have few large files we
> want to get them out site HP 3000 in near real time. Since those files are
> large, daily dump is not an option for us. I am wondering if there's any
> body had made rsync to work for HP 3000. 
> Any input will be helpful. 

While I have not tried to compile rsync on HP3000, I have compiled and
used similarly network-aware code on HP3000 which even included SSL
(originally SSLeay and later OpenSSL IIRC).

IIRC, the trick is to do it in Posix mode on the HP3000, and the
configure script might need a teensy bit of hackery.  It wasn't very
hard to get SSL compiled, and the rest of our code needed no changes
over code that was compilable on Sun, HPUX, Linux and even Windows.

[IIRC, I had to bypass SSL's top-level configuration, and run the
directory-specific configurator needed for just the library itself.
Tho, I think I did configure/compile the whole thing once.  Something to
do with some obscure shell difference.]

If I had had more experience on HP3000 than I did, it would have taken a
lot less than the half day it took to do the compile the first time.

If you're expecting to be able to do non-rsyncd access (eg: passwords or
certs) to the HP3000, it may be a real problem getting past HP3000's
login stuff.  You'll probably need to run rsyncd.  Our code was a pure
SSL daemon using certs for authentication, and didn't get anywhere near
HP3000 login stuff.

You might run into some difficulty with wierd very-file-system-specific
system calls tho.

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