My new book: "The Complete April Fools RFCs"

Tom Limoncelli tal at
Mon Apr 23 16:51:45 GMT 2007

Dear friends,

I've published my 3rd book!

"The Complete April Fools RFCs" by Thomas A. Limoncelli and Peter J. Salus

This is a compilation of the best April Fools jokes created by the
IETF, the group that creates the standards for how the Internet
works.  It's pretty technical but fun to read for anyone that is
in software development, system administration, or any kind of
computer geek.  A good, cheap, gift for the geek that has everything
and is impossible to shop for.

It is now available on Amazon:

Would you please help me get some buzz?  Please either mention the
book on your blog, to your most geeky friends, or go to "digg" and
vote for it.  Just go to this URL then click "digg it" (you have
to create a free account):

Info about the book:
 Order it online!
 Press release info:

Tom Limoncelli

P.S.  For info about my first 2 books, please visit

(Please excuse the mass email.  I'm sending to people in my
address book and this may include people I know through politics
as well as the system administration community.)

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