Problem with escaped control characters

Daniel Davidson danield at
Tue Apr 17 21:30:53 GMT 2007

I have created a program for myself for backing up data to tape from my
disk to disk to tape system, and after the initial day, I have been
using the output of a dry run of rsync to determine what files need to
be sent to tape.  I think due to an upgrade in rsync the current version
now escapes control sequences with something like \#010 instead of ^H,
however this is now breaking my backup program because the perl
file::stat module cannot interpret the escaped sequence as a file.  I
have tried doing a replace on the string to change it back to the old
with no avail.  Is there way to make rsync do it the old way?  Right now
my only choice seems to be skipping the files or finding another program
to determine the list of files to be transferred.  Any ideas?



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