Rsync --Copy-links problem

Namitha Rao namithajr at
Wed Apr 11 05:31:51 GMT 2007


I am new to Rsync, but i have successfully used it to sync the contents
between two machines. Now the requirement is to sync the contents which are
symlinks. I need to sync the actual contents on client machine from these

I went through rsync tutorial and found --copy-links options to do my
job i.e, to transform symlink into referent file/dir

Rsync Server :  The actual contents are in different location and the rsync
path has the softlink to the actual contents. I need to sync the actual
contents on the client machine.

I used --copy-links option but it doesn't seem to be working. Even the log
doesn't display any error.

Command used to sync the contents on client side:


OPTS="--quiet --recursive -v  --copy-links --perms --times -D --delete

echo "Started update at" `date` >> $0.log 2>&1
logger -t rsync "re-rsyncing the gentoo-portage tree"
${RSYNC} ${OPTS} ${SRC} ${DST} >> $0.log 2>&1

echo "End: "`date` >> $0.log 2>&1


If anyone has any idea how to sync the contents from symlinks kindly help me

Thanks In Advance..

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