rsyncing many files and hard links: optimisation suggestions?

Jamie Lokier jamie at
Fri Sep 29 10:42:47 GMT 2006

Judith Retief wrote:
> If the problem is the actual disk access, then I can't think of anything to
> do. If it is the sorting, then cutting down the batch sizes should help, at
> the expense of having copies of some files rather than hard links.

You can tell whether it's the disk accesses or the sorting/kernel by
looking at the CPU usage while it's running (e.g. using "top").  If
it's 100% CPU in user space, there may be scope for optimising rsync's
code.  If it's 100% CPU in the kernel, there's not a lot you can do -
you might be able to use a different strategy for checking for changed
files than just scanning them all, though.  If it's not close to 100%
total, it's disk I/O, in which case you might be able to preload the
disk's inode tables into cache to reduce head-seek time.  A program
called "treescan" helps with that.

-- Jamie

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