Rsync 2.6.8

Wayne Davison wayned at
Thu Sep 28 00:25:09 GMT 2006

On Wed, Sep 27, 2006 at 02:13:01PM +0530, Lakshminarayanan Radhakrishan wrote:
> 2006/09/21 02:04:31 [4513] rsync: writefd_unbuffered failed to write 
> 4092 bytes [generator]: Broken pipe (32)

As the Issues and Debugging webpage says, this error just indicates that
the remote side went away.  Why did it go away?  The cited webpage gives
you some ideas on what you can do to figure it out.

Also, if you're pushing data to a daemon, be sure you've applied the fix
for the tag-3 problem (or are using a version that has this patched).


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