--remove-sent-files errors with no output

Eric Aiken eaiken at cardomain.com
Tue Sep 19 22:47:38 GMT 2006

I've been experimenting with the --remove-sent-files option with patchy
Often --remove-sent-files will not remove the remote files.  It copies
them locally but "apparently" failed to remove them remotely.  After
some experimentation I was able to identify one problem as a permission
problem.  I continue to have problems with rsync not removing some more
files.  What troubles me even is, using rsync -vvv, rsync shows no
output relating to the --remove-sent-files option.  No error messages,
no executing delete statements, etc.   Any suggestions on getting rsync
to produce more verbose output.  I'd love to see it say deleting file X
-- Error: Y


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