post-xfer exec -- more juice!

Rob Bosch robbosch at
Mon Sep 18 17:22:06 GMT 2006

The way I have accomplished this is to modify the rsync request slightly and
cache the modulename and request into a database.  In my case, this provides
me with a unique key in the database so I know the requests match up.  On
the client side I have added the top-level path into the request (e.g. rsync
-optionshere /usr/bin username at backupserver::modulename/bin/).  This is the
only way I can get the path into the request but it does work.  On the
pre-xfer side I insert the modulename and path as well as other pertinent
information.  On the post-xfer side I fetch the record from the database
matching the modulename and pull in the request value to get the path.  

A bit of a hack but it has worked for us to track all open connections to
the rsync server and create a database of exit codes by module (user
surrogate in our world) and path.


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