daemon excludes all my files

Timothy Madden terminatorul at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 12:54:07 GMT 2006


I am new to rsync but I started the cwRsyncServer daemon on an Windows
2003 Server machine with this exclude option:

exclude = *.obj Debug *~ *.bak *.orig .svn Thumbs.db Copy?of?* Kopie?van?* .*

This option I have placed in the global section so I won't have to
repeat it on every module.
You can see my rsyncd.conf file attached.

The problem is now all my files get excluded

Now on the client I call rsync like this:

B:\Projects\MediaShops\CodeBase>"rsync" --compress --exclude=*~
--exclude=Thumbs.db --exclude=*.bak --exclude=*.orig
--exclude=Copy?of?* --exclude=Kopie?van?* --sparse --recursive --times
--update --verbose
"--compare-dest=/cygdrive/b/Projects/MediaShops/CodeBase" "./"
"Adrian at nt11::CodeBasePublic/"

(this is all on one line, from a Win32 batch file)
and I get an output like
building file list ... done
skipping server-excluded file "."
skipping server-excluded file "rsync.log"
skipping server-excluded file "script.pl"
skipping server-excluded file "Connections"
skipping server-excluded file "CustomerLogos"
skipping server-excluded file "CustomerLogos/logo_flag.gif"
skipping server-excluded file "CustomerLogos/top_flag.jpg"
with all my files in the source tree listed as excluded by the server.

Can you tell me what is wrong here and what is the correct syntax for
patterns in the exclude option for rsyncd modules ?

I search for this problem in the list and did not found the answer to
my question :(

Can you please also tell me how to use exclude patterns with spaces in
rsyncd.conf ? The documentation for conf file only says the patterns
are space-separated ! I really think it should also say what to do
with patterns with spaces inside.

I think the documentation is not helping first-time windows (cygwin)
users too much, for example if you don't already know that post-xfer
exec is a command line for sh.exe and you have to start the process in
cygwin syntax (with /cygdrive/d/process) but send its arguments in the
normal Win32 syntax (with D:\process) for which you will have to
escape the backslashes with \\. Also cwRsyncServer has no sh.exe
installed by default, I had to visit the web site to find out I have
to copy the installed bash.exe as sh.exe :(

And I have another question: can the post-xfer proess know, by looking
at the RSYNC_ environment variables, if the transfer was a read or a
write ?

Thank you
Timothy Madden
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