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Paul Slootman paul at debian.org
Tue Sep 12 13:32:04 GMT 2006

On Tue 12 Sep 2006, Heise, Robert wrote:

> Here is the verbose output while using --dry-run
>  Processing
> ral-bea-01-l:"/usr/bin/rsync""--archive""--compress""--delete""--dry-run
> ""--group""--perms""--stats""--times""--rsh=/usr/bin/ssh -o
> StrictHostKeyChecking=no""--rsync-path=/usr/bin/rsync""--verbose""--excl
> ude='/freetds-0.61.2/*.sh'""/usr/SD/stow/""eng\@ral-bea-01-l:/usr/SD/sto
> w/"

Where are all these quotes coming from? This makes it hard to read what
is actually being executed.

However, it looks like you're on system ral-bea-01-l and you're rsyncing
to ral-bea-01-l (i.e. the same system) ?!

>         Status = $VAR1 = ["building file list ... done\n","rsync[26414]
> (sender) heap statistics:\n","  arena:         135168   (bytes from
> sbrk)\n","  ordblks:            5   (chunks not in use)\n","  smblks:
> 1\n","  hblks:              0   (chunks from mmap)\n","  hblkhd:
> 0   (bytes from mmap)\n","  usmblks:            0\n","  fsmblks:
> 40\n","  uordblks:       47248   (bytes used)\n","  fordblks:
> 87920
> (bytes free)\n","  keepcost:       71400   (bytes in releasable
> chunk)\n","\n","Number of files: 57\n","Number of files transferred:
> 0\n","Total file
> size: 10384954 bytes\n","Total transferred file size: 0
> bytes\n","Literal data: 0 bytes\n","Matched data: 0 bytes\n","File list
> size: 1054\n","Total bytes written: 1096\n","Total bytes read:
> 20\n","\n","wrote 1096 bytes  read 20 bytes  744.00 bytes/sec\n","total
> size is 10384954  speedup is 9305.51\n"];

Again, I don't know what you're doing that sprinkles all these quotes
everywhere, it really obfuscates stuff.

> I don't see anything glaringly obvious.

It looks like you need to double up on the verbose flag; use -vv

Paul Slootman

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