cygwin rsync performance and bandwidth between two w2003 servers

Ulrich Jung ulrich.jung at
Tue Sep 12 11:49:04 GMT 2006

I have two Windows 2003 Standard Edition Server with 2x 3,0 GHz P4 and 4 
On each server rsync runs as cygwin daemon (rsync version 2.6.6; 
protocol version 29).

The two servers are connected through a 2 MBit VPN link.
When I sync a single large file or a whole directory, rsync only uses 
50% of the available bandwidth.
When I do the same between windows and linux server, rsync takes the 
whole bandwidth.

Both windows and linux server have the same settings in rsyncd.conf.

Would be great if there is someone with any ideas how to solve this problem!

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